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Each year, following the end of the academic school year's standardized testing, our school allows our students to participate in an elective class of their choice (for either art or physical education credit). This year one of the options kids have is to take a 10 day course introducing them to film studies. They will study films by artists such as Buster Keaton, Martin Scorsese, and Akira Kurosowa (among others). For the culminating field trip, we will be taking the class of 45 seventh, eighth, and ninth grade students to the cinema to see a first run film they have chosen (as a class) to see.

The cost of this class is as follows:

Approximate need for rental fees over 10 days: $100 (or $2.22 for each student)

Approximate need for 10 days of healthy snacks: $450 (or $1 per child/day)

Approximate price for 45 tickets to the cinema: $495 (or $11 a child)

Approximate need for transportation to the cinema via Bay Area Rapid Transit: $225 (or $5 per student)

Cost for 5 adult chaperones to take kids on the trip: $90


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